Landfill Construction and Corrective Measures Implementation

Landfill Construction, U.S. Army Garrison, Redstone Arsenal, AL

  • Landfill construction and corrective measures implementation for an inactive 50-acre sanitary and industrial landfill
  • Construction Surveying of pre-construction conditions, landfill boundary, excavation and consolidation limits, soil placement and foundation layer, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), final cover, and permanent survey and settlement monuments
  • Erosion Control – prepared SWPPP, implemented stormwater BMPs, including straw wattles and management of silt fencing
  • Earthwork/Excavation – Insight excavated approximately 64,000 cubic yards of landfill waste, to a maximum excavation depth of approximately 12 to 14 feet, and consolidated waste materials.
  • Placed a 24-inch foundation layer using soil imported from a borrow pit, then compacted, graded, and rolled to a smooth finish
  • Installed GCL
  • Placed a 12-inch imported clean topsoil cover layer and spread amendments to support vegetation
  • Performed final backfill and compaction, and performed geotechnical testing including density tests
  • Revegetation – Hydro-seeded the site, added soil amendments, and installed fiber rolls
  • Drainage Control – Excavated trenches, installed concrete drain inlets and corrugated metal pipe, backfilled and compacted trenches, and performed final grading of runoff diversion channels and riprap outfalls
  • Contract Value $1.1 Million