Fueling Facilities Services

Insight provides a wide range of fueling facility services for aboveground and underground storage tanks (ASTs/USTs) through certified UST technicians. Our services include installation and removal, design-build for retail and commercial fueling stations, repair and upgrades for systems in operation, and site closure strategies. We have nationwide experience in assessing tanks for leaks, and planning and implementing remediation of contaminated sites

Fueling Facilities Featured Projects:

Design-Build Fueling Station, Car Wash, and Food Store

Customer: United Gas & Food
Location: Sacramento, CA

Insight performed design-build services to upgrade an existing fueling facility, construct a new cashier and food store building, and design an associated car wash. We modified the design, obtained permits, and then constructed a new 1,100 square foot building and fuel island canopies. We upgraded the underground storage tank (UST) systems, upgraded the facility to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, rerouted utilities (electrical, telephone, water, and plumbing), installed new asphalt and concrete pavement, and constructed new curbs and gutters.

Different design-build elements of the project included:

Drywall, Frame, and Studs; Electrical; Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Installation; Flooring; General Construction; Grading; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Lighting; Mechanical; Painting; Plumbing; and Surveying

Insight also provided environmental remediation services at this station. Insight has performed excavation of soils, trenching, piping upgrades, UST System upgrades, electrical hook-ups and upgrades, groundwater treatment system installation, and groundwater treatment system operation and maintenance. We also performed permitting from the City and the County of Sacramento, prepared monthly discharge reports, and prepared quarterly monitoring reports.

Due to high crime in the local area surrounding this facility, the city had wanted to shut down the facility. But the Insight team believed we could provide a design and renovate the facility to deter criminal activity. Despite difficult permitting issues with the city, we negotiated on behalf of the client to obtain permits and we successfully designed and constructed a safer building that included bullet-proof glass and proper lighting to deter and prevent criminal activity. It also aesthetically matched the newer surrounding buildings more closely and hence satisfied the City officials’ concerns about the finished building.

food1m2 Fueling Facilities Services
food2m2 Fueling Facilities Services
Underground Storage Tank Removals and Aboveground Storage Tank Installations, Federal Correctional Complex (FCC)

Customer: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Location: Victorville, CA

Insight removed three underground storage tanks (USTs) and installed two aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) with phase two vapor recovery. Our planning efforts included preparing a work plan, preparing a health and safety plan, and obtaining permits for UST removal and AST construction and installation. Insight pumped out residual fuel using a vacuum truck, arranged for proper off-site disposal of this fuel, triple-rinsed the tank, and used dry ice to inert it. Next, we removed the two 20,000-gallon diesel USTs, one 6,000-gallon gasoline UST, and associated dispensing equipment using a crane, then arranged for transport and proper disposal at an off-site disposal facility. Piping was abandoned in-place using concrete slurry.

We collected soil samples from the excavation pit, beneath the dispensers, and from the soil stockpile. Our evaluation of laboratory analytical results for petroleum hydrocarbons and fuel oxygenates indicated that a leak had not occurred and the soil was not impacted.

The two new double-walled ASTs that Insight installed were a 30,000-gallon diesel AST and a split 12,000-gallon AST with separate gasoline and diesel compartments. We connected the new ASTs to existing piping, installed dispensing equipment and monitoring systems, and installed protective bollards. Insight then backfilled the excavation pit, compacted and graded, and paved the area with concrete.

Insight also performed AST start-up and testing. The phase two vapor recovery system we installed complied with the California Air Resources Board and the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MVAQMD) requirements. Insight obtained closure of the UST case from the Victorville Fire Department (VFD).

fcc1m2 Fueling Facilities Services
fcc2m2 Fueling Facilities Services
Underground Storage Tank System Upgrades at MTA Bus Divisions 2, 3, 5, and 9

Customer: CH2M Hill/Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Insight provided subcontract design-build services to CH2M Hill Constructors, Incorporated (CH2M Hill) under a prime contract design-build underground storage tank (UST) upgrade project for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The work was performed at four (4) active MTA bus divisions located in Los Angeles County, California. Each bus division contained up to 12 USTs, ranging in size from 500 gallons to 30,000 gallons, which required upgrades; three (3) of the tanks were used for the storage of solvent and nine (9) tanks were for petroleum products (fuel, motor oil, and torque oil) storage.

Insight was responsible for all demolition, excavation and backfill, UST removals, and UST system upgrades and testing activities associated with this project. The primary product lines for the motor oil and torque oil tanks were constructed using fiberglass piping designed specifically for high-pressure applications. All tank and piping transition sumps were replaced or repaired to meet the current regulations. Two new Veeder-Root TLS 350 monitoring panels were installed at each site. New sump and tank interstitial sensors and tank magnetostrictive probes were installed as necessary to comply with current regulations.

Insight installed over 2000 feet high pressure pipe. Codes require that all new primary piping shall be tested for tightness hydrostatically at 150 percent of the design operating or working pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes. The observed working pressures of the motor oil and torque oil piping at the bus divisions varied from 550 psi to 1000 psi; therefore requirements dictated that the new piping be tested at pressures ranging from 825 psi to 1500 psi for a minimum duration of 30 minutes. MTA site operators reported peak system pressure of 1135 psi. Insight took the initiative and proposed testing the piping at 1700 psi (150 percent of reported 1135 psi peak pressure).

mta1m2 Fueling Facilities Services
mta2m2 Fueling Facilities Services
  • All construction, new piping, tank sumps, piping sumps, and under-dispenser containment sumps were successfully completed and tested.

  • Testing the high-pressure piping at 150 percent of the peak observed pressure rather than just at 150 percent of the working pressures gave the MTA site operators confidence that they had a safe system.
Steam Rack Upgrade, Imperial Avenue

Customer: San Diego Transit Corporation/San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
Location: San Diego, CA

Work consisted of demolition and replacement of hydraulic lifts, its associated equipment, and oil/water separator for San Diego Transit Corporation’s Steam Rack Facility. Insight provided submittals for City of San Diego plan review and inspection; established survey control; demolition, removal, and disposal of concrete slab, two hydraulic lifts (one sliding and one fixed), hydraulic fluid conveyance pipe, pipe supports on concrete wall, hydraulic lift controller panel, 150-gallon steel hydraulic fluid reservoir, hydraulic fluid and pump, plus an 8000-gallon below ground concrete oil/water separator.

Insight hosted weekly meetings with the QC Manager, Site Superintendent, and subcontractors to review project status and identify potential risks. In addition, Insight’s CQC Plan provided an effective quality control (QC) system to ensure the quality of all work performed by Insight and its subcontractors, fabricators, suppliers, and purchasing agents.

steam1m2 Fueling Facilities Services
steam2m2 Fueling Facilities Services