Insight Environmental, Engineering and Construction, Inc. Brings in 2011 with New Technology: Social Media and a New Website

2010 was a busy and successful year for us here at Insight Environmental, Engineering and Construction, Inc. (Insight).  We know that business is a “team sport” and we acknowledge the contributions of all of our employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and vendors who contributed to the year.  Thank You!  We look forward to an even greater 2011 with all of you!

During 2010, we invested in new methods and technology for conducting business and connecting with our clients, customers, partners and others in our business network.  Even though we knew Insight might be among some of the first in our construction management services industry to use these new tools, we felt ready and wanted to be in front of the curve.  We embraced social media and new technology.  We committed time and resources becoming educated and implementing new tools.

First, we started in first quarter 2010 with a large Facebook initiative, getting trained and launching our Insight Environmental, Engineering and Construction, Inc. Facebook page.

IPAD 300x225 Insight Environmental, Engineering and Construction, Inc. Brings in 2011 with New Technology: Social Media and a New WebsiteSecond,  in May, Insight sponsored a display booth at the Society of American Military Engineers JETC Conference in Atlanta that highlighted new technology tools.  At our booth, we held live “Like Us On Facebook” sessions which earned extra raffle tickets, for those who “Liked Us” live, to enter our Grand Raffle Prizes of an Apple iPad and iPod Touch.

Third, we started our use of LinkedIn, created a corporate Insight Environmental page.  We are in the process of training and expanding our utilization and presence on LinkedIn.

Fourth, we upgraded our website.  As you can see, it is now more user friendly, has much more information about projects, services areas, and more photos.

Lastly, we’ve added a new blog.  We’ll use this blog to update you on Insight company news, industry news and events, and various other items of interest.  We hope you’ll stop by our blog and share your comments and also come visit and “Like Us” on Facebook.  We’d love to connect with you on Social Media and to communicate with you.

Now that we’ve implemented our Social Media infrastructure, our plans for 2011 include expanding our use of these tools.  We hope to hear from you and to connect.  We also look forward to your input and feedback.  Tell us what you’d like to hear and we’ll do our best to write about it in our blog or include it on our Facebook page.  We would also enjoy hearing from you about how you are using Social Media, what’s working for you, and how we can support you.

We support an environment of easy and open communication and we think Social Media is just at the beginning stages of what it will bring to the quality and effectiveness our business relationships.  Won’t you join us?

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