Health and Safety

il410 Health and Safety

Insight has a well-established, proven Health and Safety (H&S) Program focused on protecting workers and the public, reducing accidents and environmental releases, and ensuring compliance with OSHA (29 CFR Sections 1910 and 1926), US Navy (Program Manual, 12/05), USACE (EM 385-1-1), FAR, NIOSH, and DOT requirements. We have a corporate Health and Safety Management Plan (HSMP), in addition to the site-specific safety and health plans (SSHPs) and activity hazards analyses (AHAs) that we have used to manage environmental remediation, construction, and other related work on over 300 projects totaling over $150 million the past 25 years.

At Insight, safety is part of “Who We Are”. Our commitment to safety starts at the top, and is incorporated into all aspects of our operations. All new employees receive an orientation on our safety program/ procedures within 7 days of hire date, in addition to OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) and annual 8-hour refresher training. Additionally, many employees have received OSHA 10-hour construction safety training, and American Red Cross First Aid & CPR training to enhance practices. Our corporate commitment is “Safety First and Always” which defines our mission of providing all services with zero incident performance (ZIP) and zero injuries. Health and Safety is part of our lives.

Insight comprehensive HSMP was developed for planning, controlling, and enforcing safety for all Insight and subcontractor personnel. The established, successful H&S program that we have implemented for over 25 years allows us to minimize risk and deliver safe, cost-effective performance. We ensure the safety of both our own and subcontractor personnel by performing proactive planning, effective oversight and enforcement, focused training and communication, and recognition/incentive programs.